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Drain Maintenance 2021

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When you take the time to maintain your home’s drains, you will be working to keep your plumbing in good working condition. In some cases, you may need professional drain cleaning in Las Vegas, NV. Discount Drain Cleaning LV shares a few maintenance tips for drains.

Consider What You’re Putting Down the Drain

There are a few things that you should never send down a drain such as fats, grease, and oils. These substances solidify over time, and when combined with food waste and other trash that are accidentally flushed down the drain, it can create a serious blockage. Fats, grease and oil also cling to the interior of your pipes, creating a more narrow interior that makes it hard for water to pass through. These are the kinds of clogs that require assistance from a drain cleaning company.

You should also avoid flushing eggshells, unused medicine and coffee grounds down your drains. Eggshells have edges that can catch onto other things in the drain and form a clog. Meanwhile, unused medicine can contaminate local water sources while coffee grounds might stick to the edges of your pipes and turn into a paste.

What is the Best Drain Cleaning Method?

While most homeowners purchase a liquid drain cleaner to treat a clogged drain, experts advise against using them. The reason for this is that commercial drain cleaners are not always as effective as advertised, and can corrode the inside of your pipes with repeated use.

When a drain becomes clogged, try dumping a large pot of hot water down it. Don’t pour boiling water as this can harm your pipes. After pouring the hot water, send some cool water down the drain to flush the pipe. If hot water is ineffective, consider getting in touch with your local plumbing for professional drain snaking.

For reliable drain cleaning services, look no further than Discount Drain Cleaning LV. We can help you maintain your drains and avoid any serious clogs or issues. Contact us today.

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