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Why You Should Call a Professional to Unclog Your Toilet

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Clogs affect everyone, and while some are minor and can be solved quickly with a plunger, recurring or stubborn clogs require professional help. Here are some of the reasons why you should call a professional to unclog your toilet.

You could make the problem worse

Many “DIY” methods or chemical solutions will claim to give you a simple answer to solve your clogged toilet. However, many of these options actually cause more damage to your pipes than they are worth. While they may seem to work at first, the interior and overall health of your system could be damaged by chemicals that will eventually lead to corrosion and fractured pipes. In the end, you may be paying more for repairs than was initially necessary.

The clog may be deeper than you think

Sometimes the root of your clog is deeper than you think. Because your Las Vegas pipelines are mostly underground, it can be difficult to see exactly what is going on without a professional inspection to properly evaluate your plumbing system.

Lasting solution

Our experts at Discount Drain will give you a lasting solution compared to many “DIY” methods that simple act as a temporary solution to your problem. Our experience and technology will get to the root of your clog and find the best solution for you that will also provide a long-lasting repair.

Advanced equipment

A major reason why hiring a professional is the best option is simply because we use industry-leading technology to service your property. Our hydro jetting and snaking service will quickly and efficiently clean your pipes so that even the most stubborn clogs are eliminated and your water flow is restored. Our advanced camera inspection technology also allows us to get an inside look at your pipelines, so we can identify anything concerning that needs attention.

Even if you just have a clogged toilet, a professional visit is always the safest solution. Discount Drain Las Vegas has the cleaning equipment and inspection services to unclog your toilet safely. Call us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you!

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