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Air Snaking Services in Las Vegas, NV and Nearby Areas

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For stubborn clogs, the team at Discount Drain Cleaning LV may recommend the use of a snake to remove debris or foreign objects from the pipeline. Snaking takes a certain amount of finesse that comes with experience since care must be taken to maintain the integrity of the pipes themselves. Snaking involves the use of professional-level tools and can be the easiest method of clog removal in some circumstances. As always, it’s best to have an inspection done first, to determine if snaking will gently and effectively solve a clog problem in a Vegas-area home or business plumbing system.

We utilize nothing but the best drain cleaning methods in the industry. We proudly cater to the following service areas:

What Is Snaking?

Plumbing snakes bring a certain visual to mind, which is not too far off from reality. Using a flexible tool, a plumbing technician can reach, grab, and dislodge a clog in a drain pipe in your Las Vegas, NV, Henderson, NV, or Summerlin, NV property. The practice of snaking is usually most effective if the clog is located just beyond the trap, though at Discount Drain, our snaking tools can reach several yards into a plumbing system depending upon the layout. Our technicians often use a snake in the case of a foreign object type of clog rather than a build up type of clog. When a property owner simply wants a pipe unclogged (rather than completely cleaned), snaking is the among the best methods.

Types of Snaking Methods for Your Las Vegas Pipes

A typical snake, sometimes called a plumbing auger, is a flexible metal cable that can be fed into a pipe from a single entry point—usually the drain, overflow, or just beyond the trap. At the end of the cable, a coil not unlike a spring is twisted through the pipe until it grabs onto whatever is causing the clog. Once enough friction is detected by the technician to indicate the clog is attached, it’s then slowly pulled back out using the utmost care.

There’s more than one effective type of snaking in Las Vegas, NV. Another type of snaking called air snaking may be used by our plumbing professionals as well. Air snaking uses a blast of high pressure air to dislodge debris and blow it away. An air snake takes the basic technology behind a standard plunger and amplifies it to get rid of even the most stubborn clogs. In fact, our technicians may use a combination of traditional snaking and air snaking to ensure a clog is completely removed before leaving the job site.

Schedule Snaking Services in Las Vegas, NV and Nearby Areas with Discount Drain Cleaning LV

Though it can be tempting to try to use at-home drain snakes, it’s best to leave the job to the local Vegas professionals at Discount Drain Cleaning LV. Because a traditional snake is made of metal, it’s possible to create etching on enamel surfaces such as sinks, tubs, and toilets if the user is not properly trained. Those tiny scratches can eventually lead to unsightly rust spots, meaning costly repairs or replacements might be needed. In addition, without proper training it’s possible to damage pipes and even cause leaks with snake tools. A simple clog could turn into an expensive fix in no time. Instead, contact us today to schedule a clog removal. We’ll diagnose the problem and fix it using the best possible methods—often including snaking.

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