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Frequently Asked Questions

Discount Drain Cleaning LV
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At Discount Drain Cleaning LV, we pride ourselves on taking care of all sewer and drain clogs in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. Our team specializes in drain cleaning services that quickly remove clogs from your pipes, in addition to lengthening the lifespan of your pipes by providing them with the proper services they need. Clogs and blockages within in your pipe can seem like mild annoyances that disturb your daily routine. While they are disturbances, they are also signs that your drains need professional assistance. While do-it-yourself methods of drain cleanings are believed to take are of these problems on their own, they only mask the problem instead of properly solving them all together. When experiencing clogged pipes, it is important to identify the problem and understand the course of action you need to take to properly take care of them.

How do I know when to call a professional to unclog my pipes?

It is our goal at Discount Drain Cleaning LV to make sure all residential and commercial customers in the Las Vegas area stay proactive about their drain health. When experiencing drain clogs, do not reach for that bottle of chemical drain cleaner. If your drains are consistently clogged, overflowing, not draining at all, providing low water pressure, producing a foul smell, or backing up regularly, it is time to call your local professionals for assistance. Our team at Discount Drain Cleaning LV can take care of all of these issues with lasting drain cleaning solutions you can trust in.

What do I do if my shower will not drain?

When you are taking a shower, but your feet at submerged in water, it is an indicator that you have a clog within your drain pipes. In order to properly solve a show clog, we can use drain snaking to remove the clog from your pipe helping you understand the exact cause of your shower clog, so you can prevent it from happening again in the future.

What do I do if my toilet is clogged?

Toilet clogs are one of the most common types of clogs that can be solved with hydro jetting. Hydro jetting is a lasting and versatile method of drain cleaning that uses high-pressure clean water to remove your toilet clogs. Hydro jetting is sanitary because it combats your bathroom clog with clean water and no harsh chemicals. Hydro jetting services can be used throughout the year and can solve a variety of clogs, not just ones in your bathroom.

How do I remove a kitchen clog?

Clogs in your kitchen can produce foul odors that are unpleasant and keep you from doing tasks like washing the dishes. In order to properly solve your kitchen clog, we will use drain inspection to look into your pipes and assess the direct cause of your kitchen clog. Drain inspections utilize a high-definition camera to weave its way through your drain, providing us with a live-feed of your pipe’s interior. Once we have evaluated your kitchen clog, we will provide you with the best drain cleaning service possible.

If you are experiencing drain clogs, contact our team at Discount Drain Cleaning LV today to provide you with a service that best meet your needs.

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Discount Drain Cleaning LV’s mission in Las Vegas is to provide customers honest, dependable, affordable services so that your drains can flow freely once again.

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