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Quality Trenchless Pipe Lining in Paradise, NV

Many property owners in the areas we serve have understandable reservations about anything involving sewer or drain lines. At Discount Drain Cleaning, we address these concerns by offering cost-effective excavation alternatives. Our team specializes in trenchless pipe lining.

What Is Trenchless Pipe Lining?

Trenchless pipe lining eliminates the need to "dig and replace" damaged sewer or drain lines. As the name implies, no trench is dug. Instead, repairs are made to the inside of the existing pipe through an access point. If a live camera inspection shows that the affected pipe can be repaired without the need to dig, we then proceed with cleaning it to prepare for the resin-filled liner. This coating adheres to the inside of the pipe to create a smooth, flawless surface.

The Thermoform Lining System and Coating

This includes an extremely durable, high-quality cured-in-place coating. It's made of materials that expand to tightly fit against the entire length of the pipe, even if the size and shape of the pipe change along its pathway. The result is an interior coating that's stronger and practically impermeable.

What Are Its Benefits?

For one thing, trenchless pipe repair is an environmentally friendly technique since there's very little land disruption. What's more, your landscaped surfaces will remain intact, which means no significant post-project cleanup costs.

Additional benefits associated with trenchless pipe lining in Paradise, NV, include:

  • It's adaptable to pipes of varying shapes and sizes
  • The work can be completed with less labor and in less time
  • There's no heavy equipment needed to do the work
  • The new coating is extremely durable, which reduces the risk of having future issues with tree roots intrusions

When Is Pipe Lining Advisable?

Sewer and drain lines often sustain damage over time due to corrosion and natural wear. Tree roots can also get into pipes through small cracks and expand gradually until even more damage is caused. Underground pipes are sometimes affected by shifts within the soil or activity above the ground as well.

Signs suggesting it's time to contact us for trenchless pipe lining include:

  • Backups and clogs that keep occurring
  • Foul drain or sewer odors
  • Tub, shower, toilet, or sink drains that drain slowly
  • Wet spots above where sewer lines are located
  • Having mature trees on your property near underground pipes
Trenchless Pipe Lining

Address Pipe Issues With Discount Drain Cleaning

Along with being a certified trenchless formliner, Discount Drain Cleaning is a locally based company with the skills and resources required to restore pipes in a less disruptive way. What's more, trenchless pipe lining is an investment that can pay off thanks to the long-lasting results provided by the newly applied coating.


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Schedule an Appointment for Pipe Lining

Discount Drain Cleaning is the company you can count on to make the pipe restoration process a pleasant and productive experience from start to finish. We'll let you know if this is the ideal repair method for your situation, or if other options are worth exploring. Contact us today to learn more about our trenchless solutions in Paradise, NV.