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Why You Shouldn’t Attempt DIY Drain Cleaning

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Why You Shouldn’t Attempt DIY Drain Cleaning

A clogged drain ranks among the most common plumbing issues. While you always have the option of trying to clear the blockage yourself, Discount Drain Cleaning LV strongly advises you to hire a professional to do the job. Here’s why you shouldn’t attempt DIY drain cleaning.

Not a Good Long-Term Solution

DIY drain-cleaning methods may help to break up minor clogs, however, they are not an effective long-term solution. This is because homeowners often lack the proper equipment to get rid of the entire blockage. You’re bound to encounter the same problem again after a short while. Professional drain cleaning in Henderson, NV is a far better option. With the use of hydro jetting equipment, the technicians are able to completely remove built-up gunk.

Could Potentially Damage Your Pipes

When encountering a clogged pipe, many people opt to use chemical drain cleaners. However, chemical drain cleaners often deliver poor results and they also gradually eat away at your plumbing system. With improper use, drain snakes can be just as damaging. The best approach is to contact a professional for drain cleaning services, as they know how to safely eliminate clogs.

You Can Get Hurt

Don’t underestimate the dangers of using chemical drain cleaners. These products contain caustic ingredients, which can cause serious burns. You must avoid skin contact at all costs. Meanwhile, the coiled wire in a drain snake packs enough energy to cause a painful injury. If you want to avoid these unnecessary risks, seek the help of our experienced drain cleaning company.

May Prove to Be a Waste of Time

Many DIY methods claim to be quick and easy. However, this is rarely the case. Some homeowners end up spending the entire day trying to fix a clogged drain. You can avoid the hassle by simply hiring a trained professional.

If you need professional drain snaking and cleaning, contact Discount Drain Cleaning LV today.

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