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A backed-up sewer is every homeowner’s worst nightmare, as it can cause safety hazards and costly damage. The good news is that you can minimize its risks and keep your sewer line smoothly flowing by taking simple preventive measures. Discount Drain Cleaning®, your expert sewer line cleaner, shares helpful tips:

Avoid Flushing Foreign Objects

Don’t flush anything other than human waste and toilet paper. Things like wipes, paper towels, and feminine hygiene products don’t break down quickly and will only accumulate in your pipes, leading to severe clogs. When this happens, reach out to our team immediately for sewer pipe cleaning in Henderson, NV.

Check For Tree Roots

While trees provide your property with much-needed shade and comfort, their roots can wreak havoc on your sewer lines. They are constantly looking for water and nutrients, which can be found in your pipes. Over time, they can penetrate your line, causing blockages and backups.

To get ahead of these issues, have your sewer line checked by a professional once you notice red flags like slow drainage, foul odors, and gurgling sounds, and enlist tree root removal services when necessary.

Maintain Your Sewer Line Regularly

Have an expert conduct routine inspections and maintenance at least once a year to prevent clogged sewer lines. This is especially important if you live in an old home and your pipes are nearing the end of their lifespan.

Install a Backwater Valve

A backwater valve can go a long way in preventing sewer line troubles. It consists of a flap that opens to allow sewage to flow out but closes automatically to prevent it from flowing back into your property and causing severe damage. To ensure it works as intended, have a sewer pipe cleaning company clear your lines before installing the valve.

A free-flowing sewer line is key to a safe and structurally sound home. If you need help with cleaning or maintenance, Discount Drain Cleaning® has got you covered. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


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