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It’s easy to shrug off gurgling sounds from your drains as long as the water continues to flow through the pipes. However, they are actually trying to tell you something, and in most cases, they require the attention of a professional. As your expert in drain cleaning in Henderson, NV, Discount Drain Cleaning® is here to help you decode what these sounds mean. Read on as we share the top causes of gurgling drains.

Drain Clog

Gurgling noises often occur when you have a clogged drain. They can happen when the clog is deep in the pipe and water takes longer to drain. As dirt, hair, soap scum, and other debris build up over time, a gurgling sound happens as water tries to drain in the spaces that aren’t blocked.

In this case, try plunging the affected sink, toilet, or tub. If this doesn’t solve the problem, relying on a professional to perform drain snaking is the most effective way to go.

Blocked or Damaged P-Trap

Sinks and toilets have curved pipes, known as P-traps, which hold water to stave off sewer gas. However, if your P-trap is blocked or damaged, it can result in gurgling sounds and foul odors. Seek the help of a reliable drain cleaning company to determine if there’s a problem with your P-trap and if it needs replacement.

Blocked Sewer Line

If you hear gurgling sounds emanating from multiple drains in your home, the problem might lie in your sewer lines. A blocked sewer line can send sewer gas back into the P-trap, resulting in the strange sounds you hear. It won’t take long for waste to back up and overflow from your drains. This is a serious problem that may require more than drain cleaning services, so contact a professional as soon as possible.

Don’t wait for gurgling drains to worsen and become a full-blown problem. Once you encounter this issue, let the experts at Discount Drain Cleaning take care of it for you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


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