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A blocked sewer line is the last thing homeowners want to deal with due to the troubles and expenses it brings. Not only does it cause sewage to back up into your home, but it also puts your family’s safety at risk. When this happens, contact Discount Drain Cleaning® right away. We are available 24/7 for emergency services as well as drain cleaning support. Here are the steps you need to take as you wait for us to arrive for sewer pipe cleaning in Summerlin, NV.

Turn Off the Water

First, shut off the water in your home. Doing so prevents your clogged sewer lines from backing up further. It also keeps other household members from using it and aggravating the problem. You can find the main water valve near the water meter or the corner of your home outside.

Shut Off Electricity

In severe cases, backups can cause flooding in your home. This can pose fire and electrical hazards, as sewage can reach your electrical outlets, extensions, and appliances. Our sewer pipe cleaning company recommends shutting off the electricity in the affected room immediately for your safety.

Seek Professional Help

A blocked sewer line often results from collapsed pipes, invasive tree roots, and other issues that require the expertise of a professional to fix. Get in touch with our certified sewer line cleaners right away, and expect us to arrive promptly at your home.

We will take protective measures to clean up the backed-up wastewater and prevent further damage. Then, we will inspect your sewer line to diagnose existing issues and determine the best pipe cleaning and repair method.

Look No Further Than Discount Drain Cleaning

At Discount Drain Cleaning, we only use safe and environmentally friendly methods for pipe cleaning and tree root removal. We will unblock and restore your sewer line as soon as possible while ensuring clogs, backups, and other issues won’t recur in the future.

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Meet our team of knowledgeable, dependable, and dedicated professionals. They are dedicated to getting your lines cleaned as quickly as possible with as little hassle to you as possible. Their number one concern is making you happy. If your drains are not flowing freely and you need a sewer line cleaner, Discount Drain Cleaning LV can get them flowing quickly. Call us if you need your drains inspected or hydro jetting in Las Vegas, NV, and the surrounding areas. We respond promptly and have emergency services available.