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Ensuring your home’s plumbing is in shipshape is a crucial task for many homeowners. And when it comes to maintaining the functionality of your drains, enlisting the help of an expert plumber is the way to go. One of the most common methods of drain cleaning in Las Vegas, NV is drain snaking. Read on as our experts at Discount Drain Cleaning LV share the basics of this technique below.

Initial Inspection and Assessment

Before any work begins, the first step is always to scope out the situation. This involves inspecting the clogged drain and assessing its condition. The technician may use special tools such as a plumbing camera to get a visual of the blockage and determine its location.


Once the inspection is completed, the technician will prepare for drain snaking by assembling all necessary tools and equipment. There are different types of drain snakes, such as handheld augers for smaller pipes and motorized augers for larger or more stubborn clogs. The technician will also need to wear protective gear, such as gloves and goggles, to prevent any potential hazards.

Snaking the Drain

The actual snaking process involves inserting the auger into the drain until it reaches the blockage. The plumber will then rotate the auger manually or using a motorized machine, which helps break up and dislodge the clog. In some cases, water may be used to help flush out any remaining debris.

Final Inspection

Once the clog has been successfully cleared, a final inspection will be conducted to ensure there are no remaining blockages or damage to the pipes. If any issues are found, your drain cleaning company may recommend further repairs or maintenance to prevent future clogs.

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