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scale buildup in cast iron pipes

Scaly cast iron pipes happen due to accumulated grease, minerals, rust, and hard water deposits. At Discount Drain Cleaning®, we recommend calling for expert sewer pipe cleaning in Henderson, NV, anytime you notice signs of pipe obstructions. We may conduct pipe descaling, which uses high-speed rotating cables to help break down the buildup. Find out how this method can save your cast iron pipes.

Prevents Clogs

Clogged sewer lines are one of the major issues we deal with in many Henderson homes. Besides gunk and tree roots, uneven layers of mineral and rust deposits can also contribute to the problem. It develops gradually—you will notice water draining slowly from your bathroom or kitchen.

Once we break up the scale buildup in the pipes, waste can flow freely in your sewer lines once again. In addition to removing clogs, it helps eliminate the foul smell that comes with them.

Extends Their Lifespan

Descaling at an early stage helps prevent pipe corrosion and collapse, prolonging your sewer line’s lifespan. Before the procedure, our experienced sewer line cleaners will first inspect your pipes. Besides looking at their exterior condition, we also use high-definition cameras to look at the inside. This helps identify the extent of buildup and its exact location, making our job easier, faster, and more effective.

Furthermore, camera inspection helps us identify other issues with the pipes, like tree root invasion, sagging, and strained lines. If we notice any of these problems, we will conduct tree root removal, seal any cracks, and correct the pipe alignment.

That helps us prevent issues from escalating to the point where you need to replace your pipes. It also means your sewer lines will remain in good condition for a long time.

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