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If you’re not diligent about drain or sewer pipe cleaning in Summerlin, NV, you could find yourself dealing with more significant pipe issues. While the team from Discount Drain Cleaning® is always at your service, we want to remind you about the importance of regular cleanings. Take a moment to learn how clogs can lead to worse pipe issues.

Contributing to Corrosion

Clogs can make your pipes more susceptible to corrosion. This can happen due to the bacteria and contaminants typically found in sewer or drain water, especially if they sit or settle. Corrosion can weaken your pipes and increase the risk of having leaks and other issues. Don’t wait for clogged sewer lines to cause corrosion and have an expert address them as soon as possible.

Creating an Inviting Space for Tree Roots

Clogs can result in standing water in your sewer or drain lines, attracting underground tree roots in search of H20. Once roots find an opening, you could be left with cracks and other serious pipe issues. By scheduling routine drain inspections, tree root removal can be done before roots have a chance to do significant damage.

Affecting Your Sump Pump Drain Line

Clogged sewer lines can also spell trouble for your sump pump’s drain line. If your sewer pipes are clogged, the drain line that takes excess water out of your basement could then become damaged. The end result could be a big mess and an assortment of plumbing-related woes.

Discount Drain Cleaning is a sewer pipe cleaning company that prides itself on reasonable rates and top-notch service. Prevent minor clogs from becoming big headaches by reaching out to us to schedule routine pipe cleanings and other plumbing services.

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