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It goes without saying that you’ve already heard of icebergs. Now try to visualize an iceberg made of fat, along with wet wipes and other foreign objects blocking the sewer system. It’s called fatberg, and it’s as unpleasant as it sounds.

As a homeowner, it pays to familiarize yourself with this mound of grease that can grow into immense proportions, so you can take steps to avoid it and protect your sewer line. Discount Drain Cleaning®, your go-to expert in sewer pipe cleaning in Summerlin, NV, shares facts about fatbergs you shouldn’t ignore:

Fatbergs Can Be Huge in Size

Fatbergs are composed of fat, oil, grease (FOG), and other non-biodegradable waste that combine and form masses of up to 10 tons. These massive clumps of matter can lead to severely clogged sewer lines and potentially cause an overflow into homes and businesses.

Fatbergs Don’t Just Affect the Sewer System – They Can Have Environmental Impacts as Well

Pollutants in fatbergs can enter rivers and lakes, leading to health risks for people who come into contact with the polluted water. It takes a sewer line cleaner with specialized vessels and high-pressure hoses to break up fatbergs before they reach natural waterways.

Fatbergs Often Originate from Irresponsible Plumbing Habits

People should avoid pouring fat, grease, and cooking oil down the drain, as they significantly contribute to the formation of fatbergs. Furthermore, have a reputable sewer pipe cleaning company clean your grease traps to prevent such substances from entering the sewer system.

Fatbergs Can Take a Long Time to Clear Out

In some cases, it can take months to remove particularly large fatbergs from the sewer system. That means there is an expensive cost associated with the removal of these stubborn masses and the repairs needed afterward.

Tree Roots Can Contribute to Fatbergs

Tree roots can grow into the pipes and become entwined with fats, oils, and other debris that form fatbergs. This can cause further blockages in your pipes, leading to more costly tree root removal efforts.

It’s imperative to be aware of the cause and impacts of fatbergs to protect our sewer system and the environment. At Discount Drain Cleaning, we will help you take care of your sewer line and keep it free-flowing for years. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


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