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Within the routines of daily life, seemingly harmless everyday items hide the potential to disrupt plumbing systems. From bathroom necessities to kitchen staples and self-care products, a few careless habits can lead to pipe blockages and costly repairs. As the go-to local team for drain cleaning in Summerlin, NV, Discount Drain Cleaning suggests keeping the following away from your drains.

Grease, Fats, and Oils

Grease and oil from cooking build up over time, creating a sticky residue that clings to the walls of your pipes. This can trap other items, such as food scraps and hair, making the clog worse. Instead of pouring these substances into your drains, place them in a sealed container and throw them in the bin. You can also wipe pans with paper towels before washing to remove excess grease.

Coffee Grounds

Given the fineness of coffee grounds, it’s understandable to assume they’re easily flushable. However, they often accumulate and clump instead of breaking down, creating a dense paste. This can eventually cause a clogged drain, especially when combined with grease and other residues.

Hygiene Products

Tampons, pads, and other sanitary products should not be flushed down toilets. These items are designed to absorb fluids, and they can expand and become lodged in both household plumbing and sewage systems, leading to severe blockages that necessitate professional drain cleaning services.

Dental Floss

Just because they look nothing more like threads does not mean you can get away with disposing of them in your drains. Dental floss is made of nylon and is nonbiodegradable, meaning it will stay in the pipes for a long time. As it accumulates, it can get entangled with other debris, causing major clogs that must be thoroughly addressed through drain snaking or hydro jetting.

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