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The high-pressure water used for hydro jetting leaves you with clean, clear, and free-flowing drains and sewer lines. This makes it an ideal solution for various problems that commonly occur in these systems. Read on as Discount Drain Cleaning LV lists a few of these issues that hydro jetting in Henderson, NV can effectively address.

Tree Root Intrusion

Hydro jetting roots is something that’s often necessary when tree roots creep into sewer line openings. Hydro jetting breaks up these intruders with the force of water combined with the swirling action of a specially designed nozzle. This environmentally friendly and cost-effective method prevents the risks of clogs and backups that can happen when tree roots are not removed from the pipelines.

Pipe Scale and Other Stubborn Debris

Pipe scale refers to the accumulation of minerals inside pipes. Over time, these minerals can slow down the flow and cause blockages. The powerful streams of water used in pipe jetting can blast away the scale and other tough obstructions that tend to be difficult to address with drain or sewer snaking.

Grease Buildup

Fats, oils, and grease disposed of in the drain leave a sticky residue inside the pipes. This will make it easier for other debris to get stuck and allow blockages to form. Hydro jetting services can break down and rinse away grease buildup, which is why they’re often used as a preventative measure in commercial kitchens.

Discount Drain Cleaning LV provides expert sewer jetting that ensures your drain and sewer system remains clean, clog-free, and functioning at its peak efficiency. Our certified technicians offer 24/7 emergency services or drain cleaning support, so you can rest assured that any issues will be professionally resolved right away.

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