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Common Misconceptions About Hydro Jetting

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Over time, your drains can become very clogged from built up debris, sediments, or garbage. If you have a recurring problem, it means you can definitely benefit from getting sewer pipe cleaning in Summerlin, NV from Discount Drain Cleaning. One of your options for this type of service is hydro jetting. There are certain misconceptions about hydro jetting, however, that might make homeowners forego this type of drain cleaning method. We’re here to dispel the following common misconceptions:

It Uses Excessive Force

A common misconception about the procedure is that hydro jetting consistently uses excessive force to clean out your drains. Hydro jetting uses equipment that uses high-pressure levels to clear out your drains so that even the worst clogs can be eliminated. Those pressure levels can be adjusted depending on the severity of the clog, even if you need tree root removal. For example, if you have a smaller clog issue, the pressure can be set to around 15 pounds per square inch, but if you have an issue with tree roots, it can be set higher to 40 pounds per square inch.

It’s Too Messy and Noisy

Another misconception about hydro jetting is that the equipment that is used for it is too messy and too noisy when working on clogged sewer lines. However, in reality, when a professional comes to your home to do the work, they will ensure that things are set so that it doesn’t pose any damage to your home or make too much noise. They will put protective shields up as a preventive measure when working. 

A Single Jet Can Do All the Work

It’s also a misconception that a single jet can do all the hydro jetting work necessary, whether there’s a single drain that has a problem or a need for a sewer line cleaner. The reality is that the equipment used in hydro jetting is modified based on your needs, so it isn’t really one single jet that does all jobs.

If you need a reliable sewer pipe cleaning company to come to your home and perform hydro jetting services, contact Discount Drain Cleaning LV at your earliest convenience.

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