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Audio Leak Detection in Las Vegas, NV and Nearby Areas

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One of the ways that an underground leak can be detected is through the use of audio leak detection. Using a highly sensitive microphone and headphone receiver system, a skilled technician from Discount Drain Cleaning LV can pinpoint the location of a leak without the need to disturb the property. Audio leak detection is a highly specialized skill that brings many benefits to our clients in the Las Vegas, NV area.

If you suspect an underground leak in your pipelines and want to confirm it, an audio leak detection is your best bet. We proudly cater to the following service areas:

The Audio Leak Detection Procedure in Las Vegas, NV and Nearby Areas

Audio leak detection equipment may be likened to a metal detector, in terms of looks. A sensitive microphone is held close to the surface of the ground on a waist-high pole and is connected to the user’s headset for optimal clarity. The audio detection tech can control the volume that is best suited to the environment and soil qualities. The equipment also includes a meter that will gauge the slightest fluctuations in sound for a visible representation of what’s going on underground. Moving slowly along the surface of the pipeline and holding the volume constant, the audio detection professional is able to determine the exact location of a leak based upon the sound that is picked up through the microphone. The tech must use patience and precision, often traveling only three or four feet per minute, when discovering the location of a leak in your Las Vegas home or business.

The Sounds of Underground Leaks in Las Vegas, NV and Surrounding Areas

To the audio leak detection professional, different leaks have different sounds. A hiss or whooshing sound indicates a release of pressure. When water is actively leaking from a pipe, a splashing or babbling sound is detected. Thumping and banging sounds could come from water hitting the soil cavity or from small rocks beating the sides of the pipe. All of these sounds help the technician find a leak.

Sound travels differently through different types of soil. It’s harder to detect a leak in loose or sandy soil, but the tightly packed soil of much of our Las Vegas area makes for great audio detection. Depth of the pipes beneath the surface can also affect the quality of the sound for an audio detection professional. Obviously, pipes closer to the surface, like within four or five feet, will have more intricate sounds than those at the seven to nine foot level. Surface coverings such as asphalt and concrete can sometimes hinder sound, but our local professionals know how to account for both rural and urban environments in Las Vegas, NV, Henderson, NV, or Summerlin, NV.

The Benefits of Audio Leak Detection for Your Las Vegas Property

Audio leak detection is a great benefit for our clients because it’s done without disturbing the property at all. No ground cover or trenching is required to listen for a leak. When signs of an underground leak are present, such as a loss of water pressure inside the property, audio leak detection can help to determine the nature of the problem without causing unnecessary damage. And of course, once a leak is found, then it can be dealt with quickly and easily because it has been localized. Schedule an audio leak detection for your Las Vegas property whenever there’s an indication of a possible underground leak. Discount Drain Cleaning LV is here to help, so contact us to get started.

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