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The dry, arid climate in Clark County comes with a high demand for water. However, this also means your drains experience a lot of wear and tear, breeding a host of problems over time. At Discount Drain Cleaning ®, we understand the challenges your drainage system faces, and we have the perfect solution. We offer an extensive range of services for drain cleaning in Clark County, NV.

Why Proper Drain Care is Necessary

While no home is the same, with larger homes requiring more maintenance than smaller ones, it’s essential to enlist preemptive drain cleaning services. Doing so reduces the risk of clogs, backups, and other drainage issues. It also prolongs the life of your drains and steers clear of expensive emergency repairs.

Besides that, it’s crucial to do your part as a homeowner. Practicing good plumbing habits, like using drain covers and not throwing foreign objects down the drain, can go a long way in keeping your pipes clean and clear.

Our Drain Cleaning Methods

Discount Drain Cleaning delivers high-quality drain cleaning solutions throughout Clark County. Before anything else, we thoroughly inspect the affected drain via an advanced camera to get a clear picture of the pipes’ condition and the cause of the clog. If the clog is minor and hasn’t made it deep down the line, we will perform drain snaking. This method involves using a long, flexible cable with an auger at the end to dislodge and remove blockages.

If we determine that your drains are completely blocked, we may resort to hydro jetting. This technique uses highly pressured water to remove tough pipe obstructions, like grease and tree roots. We can adjust the water pressure, depending on the severity of the clog, without the risk of damaging your pipes.

Signs of Clogging and Its Causes

A clogged drain is nothing new in Clark County. Once you experience slow drainage and toilets that don’t flush, reach out to Discount Drain Cleaning for prompt drain cleaning and repairs if necessary. Other warning signs include:

  • Persistent foul odors
  • Gurgling drains
  • Bubbling toilet
  • Issues with multiple drains
  • Unexplainable puddles of water
  • Backups

Even if you’re the most careful homeowner out there, many items can still slip down the drain and cause a clog. These culprits include grease, sediment, food residue, and soap scum. If there are trees near your home, their roots can also infiltrate your drains and block water flow.

Why Rely on Our Team for Drain Cleaning and Other Services

We are a locally owned and operated drain cleaning company, which means we understand the drainage needs in the area, and we promise to satisfy them. We also stay up-to-date with the latest trends and use top-of-the-line technology to deliver the best results possible. You can count on our reliable, friendly, and experienced team to do a quick and efficient job. We are also just a phone call away when you need 24/7 emergency services.

Is DIY Drain Cleaning Advisable? NO!

It can be tempting to fix the clogged drain yourself. While your DIY solution might work for a few days, the clog might soon creep back and only breed a host of issues, which is why we don’t recommend taking this route. It’s best to work with a professional plumber in Clark County, NV, for an efficient, long-term fix. Besides, you might end up spending more time and money on DIY methods. Unless you have the necessary skills and experience, you run the risk of worsening the clog and damaging your drains.

Turn to the Drain Cleaning Pros Today

Let the pros at Discount Drain Cleaning put an end to all your drain woes. We offer preventative and emergency drain cleaning services to keep your pipes in the best shape possible all year round. Call us today or fill out our form to schedule an appointment.

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Discount Drain Cleaning LV’s mission in Las Vegas is to provide customers honest, dependable, affordable services so that your drains can flow freely once again.

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