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Reasons Behind Recurring Pipe Clogs

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Clogged pipes may start as small problems and can be easily fixed with simple cleanups. If you notice recurring clogs, however, it may indicate severe issues with your sewer line. We here at Discount Drain Cleaning LV have seen it all when providing sewer pipe cleaning in Las Vegas, NV, and we’ve found the following to be the culprits behind persistently clogged pipes.

Invasive Tree Roots

Tree roots that have found their way into a pipeline and looking for water and nutrients are a common source of pipe clogs. Once inside the pipeline, the roots spread and capture grease, hair, and other solid particles present in the wastewater stream. This results in a blockage that persists until a professional sewer line cleaner clears the roots away.

Excessive Grease Buildup

If you keep on discarding fat, oil, and grease down the kitchen drain, you may experience recurring pipe clogs. This is because they solidify once they cool down. Over time, this buildup traps more grease and debris until the line is blocked. When this happens, reach out to a trusted sewer pipe cleaning company like Discount Drain Cleaning LV to address the problem. Taking the DIY approach may only push the blockage further down the pipes and worsen the issue.

Pipe Damage

On rare occasions, clogged sewer lines are caused by collapsed pipes or other damage that impacts the structural integrity of the pipeline itself. These problems may require pipe replacement or trenchless pipe relining to restore the pipe to full functionality.

We’re at Your Service

If you have recently dealt with one too many pipe clogs at your property, contact Discount Drain Cleaning LV today. We will inspect the line and determine if the best response is pipe cleaning and tree root removal or if a more advanced repair technique is in order. 

Get in touch with us to schedule an appointment and benefit from our first-rate sewer services.

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