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How Fat, Oil and Grease Can Affect Your Sewer System

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How Fat, Oil and Grease Can Affect Your Sewer System

Fats, oils, and grease (FOG) can find their way down your kitchen drain unnoticed. You can find FOG in all types of cooking ingredients and foods, from eggs and butter to dressing. Even if you try your best not to pour them directly down your drain, washing utensils that once held food will still allow FOG to infiltrate the system.

Over time, these substances can accumulate, leading to clogged sewer lines. Professionals here at Discount Drain Cleaning LV explain how FOG can affect your drainage system.

Poor Drainage

Fat, oil, and grease stick to your drain pipes and solidify once they cool off, eventually forming clogs. In turn, wastewater will have a hard time passing through your sewer system, causing slow drains. When you find yourself constantly dealing with this problem, enlist the services of a reputable sewer pipe cleaning company to clear out your drain and sewer lines.

Contamination of Water Sources

Severe FOG buildup in your sewer lines restricts wastewater flow, causing it to back up out of manholes, overflow into streets, and find its way into rivers and streams. As a result, it may contaminate nearby water sources and cause a public health hazard. A deep sewer pipe cleaning in Las Vegas, NV can flush out this buildup, as well as eliminate tree roots, concrete, and other stubborn blockages in your pipes. This ensures that wastewater only goes where it’s supposed to.

Costly Damage

When fat, oil, and grease accumulate, the resulting blockage can strain your sewer lines, making them susceptible to leaks and collapse. When this happens, wastewater can seep into your floors and walls, back up into your sink and toilet, compromise your home or building’s foundation, and much more. It’s undeniably the worst nightmare for every property owner, but hiring a professional sewer line cleaner from Discount Drain Cleaning LV will ensure you won’t fall victim to it.

Be sure to get in touch with Discount Drain Cleaning LV. We offer an extensive range of drain cleaning services, including tree root removal, air snaking, grease trap cleaning, and pipe descaling. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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