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Hidden Dangers of Clogged Grease Traps

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Hidden Dangers of Clogged Grease Traps

Although grease traps are out of sight and out of mind, they are one of the most important features in your commercial kitchen. It catches grease, fat, and oil while allowing clear water to flow into the drainage system. However, it can only do its job if it’s clean and free of blockages. Leaving it clogged for a long time can be dangerous, that’s why you should enlist professional drain cleaning in Las Vegas, NV, at Discount Drain Cleaning LV once it happens.

Here are the dangers of clogged grease traps:

Grease Fires

Grease is a flammable substance. As your grease trap fills up, the likelihood of a fire increases exponentially. Not only that, but the fire has more fuel to consume once it ignites and can easily spread.

A grease fire can cause major damage in a short period. It is also notoriously difficult to extinguish, as water will cause the grease to spread, worsening the fire. Regular drain cleaning services will help protect your kitchen from these dangerous fires.

Nasty Backups

A blocked grease trap may not sound that bad, but it can lead to serious problems. Blocked traps can force wastewater to back up into the drains, leading to flooding. This can create the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. A reputable drain cleaning company will keep your grease tracks clean, so you don’t have to worry about them backing up and flooding your kitchen.


A clogged grease trap can pollute your kitchen as it exposes your staff to hazardous fumes. Wastewater can also overflow and contaminate your water source. This water is absolutely unfit for drinking, cooking, and cleaning.

Maintenance is key to preventing this issue, but if your kitchen is already suffering from a clogged drain and grease trap, seek professional help immediately. At Discount Drain Cleaning LV, we offer an extensive range of plumbing services to keep your kitchen safe and functional.

Turn to the Grease Trap Experts

We will help you avoid these disasters with prompt and efficient drain cleaning. We have the tools, skills, and experience to clear even severely clogged grease traps. With regular maintenance, you can get back to what matters most: wowing your customers with excellent service and a safe, clean establishment.

Discount Drain Cleaning LV specializes in drain snaking as well as a full range of other plumbing services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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