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Grease Trap Cleaning Las Vegas

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Commercial food businesses in the Vegas area know that grease trap maintenance is essential, but they also know that it can be kind of tricky. A grease trap is a device installed at some point in the drain line to catch food, oils, and grease (FOG) before they have a chance to reach the sewer line. Because those FOG substances have a tendency to solidify and stick to the sides of pipes, it’s imperative that food establishments take extreme care to properly deal with them. Las Vegas, NV and its surrounding municipalities all have strict guidelines to ensure that businesses don’t allow FOG substances to enter the sewer system, since it affects our community as a whole, which is why you should trust Discount Drain Cleaning® for your grease trap services.

Regular Grease Trap Maintenance

Due to local governing forces—as well as simple good business practices—it’s important for our commercial customers to institute a system of regular grease trap maintenance. There are some daily things that help to increase the effectiveness of a grease trap, such as training employees to remove as much food waste as possible before washing dishes and avoiding the use of bleach and other harsh cleaners. It’s also important to never pour boiling water or chemicals into a grease trap since that liquifies FOG substances and allows them to slip through the trap. At that point they will just solidify again somewhere in the drain line beyond the trap, causing harm to sewer pipes.

Professional Grease Trap Cleaning Las Vegas, NV

Above all, scheduling a regular grease trap cleaning is the best thing a food business can do to ensure proper maintenance. By using our hydro jet technology, a grease trap is cleaned in all directions with a high powered water spray nozzle that breaks up food, oil, and grease substances and clears them away. Other manual grease trap cleaning methods often miss a layer of FOG at the bottom, which can deteriorate the grease trap over time and cause costly repairs. Hydro jet technology is not only the most timely and cost effective grease trap cleaning method, it’s also the best for our Vegas area environment. No enzymes or chemicals are introduced, and water flow is controlled in a way to ensure that this service is gentle to the earth and the community. Our professional team is skilled at handling grease trap equipment too, which means less breakage and a fast turnaround time.

Benefits of Scheduled Grease Trap Cleaning

Though it’s possible to do some simple cleaning in house, a regular professional service is much more quick and thorough. Our team is trained and equipped to clean grease traps with ease and efficiency. A regular professional grease trap cleaning service takes the burden off of food service managers and allows them to focus on the jobs they know and love. Our team at Discount Drain Cleaning® will take care of the grease trap maintenance that keeps an establishment up to code and running smoothly. We’ll use the best technology to do our job right so our customers can do their job right. Contact us to schedule commercial grease trap maintenance for your food service business.

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