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Clog Removal Las Vegas

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A clog in a plumbing line can equate to a major life disruption. In today’s Las Vegas homes and businesses, the proper flow of water and waste needs to happen without issues. No one has time to deal with the delays caused by plumbing problems, so when a clog occurs, it needs to be dealt with quickly and effectively. The team at Discount Drain Cleaning® can help you with industry-leading drain cleaning techniques and years of practical experience.

Signs Your Pipes are Clogged

Sometimes a clog is obvious. Standing water in tubs and sinks is a tell-tale sign that there’s a clog somewhere in the pipeline. Sometimes a clog is a little more subtle at the beginning, though. It might form over a period of time, causing water to slow in the draining process. Hair, minerals, scum, residue, grease, food particles, and more can all accumulate over time, which turns into a slow clog. When it starts to take a while for water to flow out of sink basins and shower pans, that’s a good indication there’s an unseen problem, and it’s also a good time to call for an inspection.

Inspecting Your Las Vegas Pipes for Clogs

Once a clog is detected, our professionals will come to inspect a residential or commercial property in the Vegas area right away so the the clog can found and dealt with in a timely manner. Our team may recommend the use of a flexible camera in order to have eyes inside the pipes. Because our camera inspection technology is equipped with a special type of beacon, a signal can be intercepted by the technician to pinpoint the location of the problem. This hi-tech inspection procedure helps to save our customers time and money since it takes the guesswork out of the equation. It’s also helps provide a level of accuracy and efficiency that may be lacking with other methods.

Methods of Removing a Clog

There are several different ways to deal with a clogged pipe, which is why an inspection is so important. Once it’s clear what’s causing a clog, our plumbing professionals are able to prescribe the best solution. Treating a foreign object clog requires a different method than solving a build up clog. Removing a clog may include snaking, hydro jetting, trap cleaning or a combination initiative depending upon the problem that’s found. No matter what, our customers can rest assured that the system will be treated with the utmost care in the hands of our trained, licensed, and experienced professionals.

At the first indication of a clog, we recommend scheduling an appointment with one of our professionals. Being proactive with a clog problem is always the best course of action to preserve the integrity of the plumbing system and reduce additional expenses. We’ll make sure the disruption of a clogged pipe is nothing but a memory.

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